Amcor Strategy Day 2012

On Wednesday 5th December 2012 Amcor conducted its 2012 Strategy Day.

A recording of the meeting is now available. Please click on the links below.

Webcast Welcome - Ken MacKenzie - 6:21
Webcast Strategy - Ian Wilson - 36:00
Webcast Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas - Peter Brues - 34:18
Webcast Amcor Australasia & Packaging Distribution - Nigal Garrard - 41:51
Webcast Amcor Tobacco Packaging - Peter Konieczny - 34:57
Webcast Amcor Talent - Steve Keogh - 17:54
Webcast Amcor Rigid Plastics - Mike Schmitt - 23:30
Webcast Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific - Ralph Wunderlich - 37:45
Webcast Wrap - Ken MacKenzie - 5:18

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